Introduction to automobile parts and stamping parts

  • 2022-04-15

Generally speaking, auto parts can be divided into these categories:

Oil seal: including valve oil seal and large oil seal.

Belt: including air conditioning belt, timing belt and generator belt.

Interior parts: mainly refer to all large parts in the car, such as seats, cushions, etc.

Appearance parts: wiper, lamp, car glass, door, cover, front and rear bars, tires, etc.

Large parts: * are some parts that can play a certain role, such as brake pads, engines, shock absorbers, air conditioners, etc.

For automobile stamping parts, we also need to learn, understand and master some related problems. Otherwise, * can't learn this product well, so as to have a comprehensive understanding and understanding.

1. What are the available materials of some small stamping parts on the car?

For the materials of some small stamping parts on the automobile, DC01, ST12, sphe and SPHC can be used, of which DC01 and ST12 are widely used.

2. What are the precision stamping parts of the automobile?

Precision stamping parts on automobiles mainly include various stamping terminals, shrapnel and leaf springs.

3. What is the production process of automobile stamping parts?

The production process of automobile stamping parts is as follows: Drawing - making stamping die - template preparation - heat treatment - grinding - assembly and mold test - sample delivery.

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